Exciting News

Yay... today was my Friday! So excited for the weekend ahead, even though it will most likely be raining all weekend. :(

Tonight I got a very very exciting call. The modeling agent that I had emailed Seth's photos to called me. He thinks Seth is adorable and loves the photos I sent him and wants to set up a meeting.  It's tomorrow! Agh!!! I am so excited and nervous... He told me that they only work with local companies like Nike, Fred Meyer etc... and modeling for babies is pretty straight forward there is an hourly wage and the agency gets 15% out that commission.
All of that sounds pretty straight forward and from what I understand from him they work around nap and feeding schedules so that the babies are rested and more able to do a good job on the photos. I am interested to see what happens. I of course think Seth is the cutest, but you know I'm his mom and I have no idea how he will be viewed by someone who's a modeling agency owner.  Anyhow I wanted to share this little bit of exciting news.
Here's to Seth's success!

Today we went out for a walk and at our favorite spot we parked and got out the camera. Here are some of my faves from today.