We had such a very full and exciting day today. Although our schedule was jam-packed with appointments and errands I still managed to get Seth down for both morning and afternoon naps. That is very important and it sets the tone to how he will do through the night. I am very proud of him accomplishing a full week of sleeping through the night last night. I hope things continue on this very healthy and positive path. Now if I can only manage to get myself to bed before 1 am...
Seth had his meeting with the modeling agency and it was a very positive experience, they liked him and want to sign him... however, now that it's time to go for it I am hesitant. I told them that I will discuss this with Chris in detail and then decided what to do. I don't know if I have it in me to go to a bunch of auditions and what if nothing ever pans out and he just gets rejected all the time??? I know he wouldn't care but I don't know if I can take it. :) So for now we are just gonna think about it.  I had taken my youngest sister with me to the meeting so that she could help with Seth.  When the owner of the agency saw her he absolutely loved her... he was way more excited in getting DJ to sign with them than Seth. She was extremely flattered for sure but she didn't make any decisions because she would first have to get the parentals agreement. Hehe but she already has dreams  with herself sitting behind the wheel of a very luxurious SUV. All in all the meeting with the modeling agency was informative if nothing else. After the hour long meeting, we were starving and since we were downtown we decided to call our sister Andreia (the middle one). 
And that's how Seth and I ended our day... with my sisters, we had some bomb Thai food after which we headed out to watch my hubby in his first ever USTA (tennis) match. He has been very devoted to tennis for the last 3 years and has recently signed on with USTA and is entering tournaments and all sorts of competitions. I am so proud of him (even though I hate tennis for taking him away from us so much) he is such a goal oriented person and very dedicated to become the best at whatever he feels passionate about.  He won his match tonight. Yay!!!
I love it when I get to hang out with both my sisters.... it's not a common occurrence but it's so wonderful when it happens. The dynamic changes drastically when all three of us are together... Our conversations have more flare because now there are three very strong women sharing. All three of us are opinionated and especially in the comfort of our relationship we have no problems with sharing pretty much anything and everything. My youngest sister has been getting in the habit of asking tough debate starter types of questions lately and I'm thinking she's doing it just to get us all riled up. She's such a goof ball like that. I think that's my favorite thing about her. She is so much fun to be around. My sister Andreia is so beautiful inside and out and she has such a beautiful spirit she's also very opinionated and strong but has a very soft way of relaying her opinions and I respect that greatly.
All in all it has been one amazing day... very jam-packed and busy. But I like it like that. Keeps life very exciting.
At my sister Andreia's favorite Starbucks where she has made the customer of the month sign... hehe (no wonder, she goes there daily they know her drink by heart and I mean all of the barristas know it not just one.)