Dependence on Him!

I have learned some important lessons in my life so far and today's lesson is...

It is ok to cry even though it may not fix anything...

It is ok to cry even if you are in the middle of applying your make up and it's just gonna ruin everything...
Even after you've wiped up your tears your eye liner just won't go on... which is frustrating and causing more tears... funny ones that is.

It is ok because sometimes crying just lets you release all that pent up frustration and/or sadness and helps you to breath and move on.

Thank you Lord for being the one I can rely on regardless of what all is going on around.

Today I learned again that I can always depend on Him.

A good lesson I believe, well worth the tears.

I also was reminded that if I ask anything in His name I will receive. Thank you Lord for answered prayers!