Friday Fun

Seth and I had such a fun day off today, I don't even know where to start... ;)

We woke up at about 8 am and had breakfast did our devotional and just hung out. Seth took his am nap at 10 and I got my shower done and everything organized for our trip downtown. I had quite a few errands to run and was going to hang out with my brother Cosmin.

Things didn't turn out as planned, instead of hanging out with my brother I got to hang out with my sister who lives in downtown and works a lot so we rarely get to really spend time together. She has offered herself for babysitting services and I haven't really taken her up on it yet. So since i had a lot to do in the downtown area this was a perfect opportunity for Seth and Andreia to spend some quality one on one. 

As we are driving downtown we pass by this little park where Seth has had photos done previously, I look out the window to ck for the predicted rain. It is overcast but not raining and pretty mild out. So I decide to pull over and see if I can get any cute photos out of Seth. Oh my goodness the moment I opened the back door of my car Seth starts giggling and kicking his legs ready to be outside. I grab my baby and my camera and we head for the park. 

Ok people if any of you have any good ideas of how to get a baby to look at you while taking their photograph over and over please pass it on I am struggling with this big time. When I have someone with me it's easy because I just have them sit besides me and we work it out. When I'm alone, it's a different story altogether. It's funny but I think Seth has become very aware of the camera and now if the camera is in his line of vision he turns to look elsewhere. Smart kid huh... 

We take a few hundred photos... just until Seth starts fussing you know and then I start gathering my stuff to leave. Just as I am about to leave this professional photographer came up to me  and Seth and introduces himself (I had seen him doing a photo shoot while I was there but didn't really pay much attention to them) and asks me how old Seth is.  I tell him Seth's age and then he proceeds to hand me his card, he works for a modeling agency and felt that Seth has one of those faces that he thinks they would be interested to see more of. (big smile on my face)  I was stoked to say the lease I mean even if that is not something I may want to do with Seth. The comment was very flattering to me the mom. Not sure yet what I think about it... but it was a nice thing to have happen today.

After our short but frustrating photo shoot we headed to a couple of stores and then met up with auntie Andreia. Seth was so happy to see her and vice versa. It was adorable, he really loves spending time with his aunts and uncles and they really love spending time with him. It really makes me happy to see that.  

Upon my completion of all my errands (2 whole hours worth)  I return to my sister's place where I am informed that Seth and his aunt took a nice long nap together. She said that he was so cute during the nap because he did not take his hand off of her the whole time. How sweet. I love it.

We finished our evening with a cup o'joe at Andreia's neighborhood Starbucks and then Seth and I went home to Chris. 
Whew... that was a lot.


beautiful Andreia and Seth (of course Seth is looking elsewhere ;) )

kiss kiss.... no prompting necessary.

big boy standing up all by himself... well with the help of the window.