I love love love my mornings....

-the look on Seth's upturned face as I go pick him up out of the crib

-the smell of the crook of his neck as I kiss him good morning

-the giggles and squeaks I get from him as I am kissing his sweet face.

-the fact that now that he is mobile it takes twice the time and effort to 
change a diaper, so I have to tickle him silly to get him to stop turning every each way and just focus on mama.

-breakfast with Seth, getting his pajamas all dirty because he is so animated even during breakfast. So far this kid is a morning person... uh-oh.

-chasing him through the house in his walker and playing peek-a-boo around every corner.

these are just a few of the silly and joy-filled moments of my moorings.

thank you Lord for each new day.

coming to get you momma

mid-crawl he got his 3