Give a mom a camera and a sunny day off and this is what happens....

Seth had a bit too much fun in the morning and was already pooped at 10 am ready for his nap.

in the family room after his morning nap full of energy ready for anything.

A trip to Costco is always a blast with Seth, he gets such a kick out of people watching. In line at the register next to us was a little girl (apron 9 mos old)  and Seth was trying to make conversation... I kid you not! He was baby-talking to her and giggling and being silly. What a flirt.

boys will be boys and they will eat sticks and dirt if you let them ;)
OK so it's the first sunny, mildly warm day of the year and we are out for a walk with the dogs. Of course I take the camera with me, just in case, you know... As I arrive to this field where I usually let the dogs off leash... {light bulb} I think to myself: I could so do a little cute photo shoot of Seth with the grasses and the fallen logs. 

how adorable is he... As I was shooting away... this little old man was taking a walk and saw that I was struggling getting Seth to look at me. So he came over and started talking to Seth and smiling at him, he totally helped me out. Thank you sir whoever you are.

This was by far the best day of the year. So far!
And it's back to work tomorrow.