Sweet Stolen Moments

Today as I am starting work at 2 pm I got to spend some morning time with my little man and my mom. I had asked her to come over as I sold something on craigslist.com and was now expecting the buyer to drop by. I was nervous about being home alone, even though it was a woman coming to pick up the item. I figured if anything untoward happens at least my mom can be right there to dial 911. Seriously!

I think I can say that in my few experiences with craigslist.com most of the people I have met are nice, but it only takes one bad on to ruin a good thing. The lady I met today was a very friendly lady therefore it was another good experience. I love the ability to list something one day and have it picked up the next. It doesn't always go so quickly but this time it did.

After the lady left I drove over to my mom's with Seth to drop him off because he was getting ready for his nap and I didn't want to have to wake him up when it was time for me to drive to work. As I was leaving my house I though hmm... I should take my camera because it's a nice cloudy day, no rain yay,  maybe I can take my 25th photo of p365,  somewhere at mom's house.

I got to my mom's house, got Seth out sat him on the front stoop and started shooting away. When I was ready to leave I took him in and gave him to my mom. I gave him a kiss goodbye and was turning around to walk out the door when he started crying.... WHAT??? My son has never done this... He is 9 mos old I thought separation anxiety hits around 7 mos old. I hoped we had skipped right over that phase. Nope! It was adorable my heart got happy because of those tears. How horrible is that. I walked back to him and he cheered right up. 

I've noticed something very interesting in the last few weeks. The nights when I put him to sleep and I don't work the next day he sleeps through the night. The nights when I have to work the next day he wakes up at least one time if not two.  I kid you not! This has been every time for the last two weeks if not three. How is it possible that this kid can anticipate this? Are they hard wired that way to read little nuances that change when our schedule changes? It's happening very consistently for it to be just a coincidence. Anyone else experience something like this??? I'd love to hear your stories. 

By the time I did finally leave he was all better and smiling even a slight wave to his hand as I was leaving... all we had to do is bring him outside (he loves the outdoors). I know he is in perfect hands and loved dearly by his grandma so I can feel secure that he is safe.

he finds the outdoors so fascinating... looking forward to warmer weather.

Grandma and Seth

Seth with grandma... saying bye mama!