From Babies to Pets...

Once upon a time I used to call my dogs my babies... and I used to get grief for it from all sides. I was told by most friends and family members that someday when I will have my own baby my babies (dogs) will become just my pets. I of course would adamantly deny it and say that may have been the case for them but no way will my relationship with my beloved dogs change. 

It started when I was 25 I had the need to have a baby but my hubby was not ready so I replaced that need with a puppy. We named him Yoda because well, he kind of resembled the Yoda. He is a pure bred Papillon dog. He has a sweet nature and he loves all people and dogs alike. However he is skittish and easily scared off. Once he has been scared by something he avoids it as if his life depended on it.  Yoda joined us in our room and I spent the first month potty training him then he even slept with us in our bed (I know yuck right)... I was so in love with him that I would think of him while at work and just wonder what he was up to at home. Feeling bad that I had to work all the time and he was all alone at home... I ended up talking my hubby into getting another dog a year and a half later. 

Late 2006 Sony joined us. We found him at a Yorky rescue shelter he is 2/3 Yorkshire Terrier and 1/3 Pomeranian. Very good temperament but also very needy. One of his very redeeming qualities even though he is so tiny is that he is very protective of us. However that also means he is not as friendly towards strangers as Yoda is. Once Sony joined us both dogs moved downstairs and they we restricted to our family room and kitchen area but they were allowed on carpet and on furniture, they ruled the roost pretty much. I loved both of them so much and we did lots of things together, we ran/walked daily I took them on fun hikes on weekends and when we wanted to take mini vacations we would try to do pet friendly trips like camping and such. 

Forward to April 2010 by this time the dogs have been with us 5 and 4 years respectively and they pretty much think they own the place. I now have a new baby... my baby Seth and although I love my dogs dearly I have to concede to those who said things would change. 

Sony and Yoda are now relegated to our nook which is separated from our family room by a small wire fence of sorts we cut a doggy door in our back door and now they have their place. No longer are they allowed on carpets or furniture and I am finally able to have some control over the fur issue. But also I feel that Seth is safe or shall I say the dogs are safe from Seth. They are still very important to me but they are now just my pets no longer my babies.  Interesting how that happened! ;)

However there is a new chapter ahead for them... not so much in my relationship with them more like in their relationship with my new baby...  I am looking forward to when Seth will be old enough to be respectful of them so that they can really get to know each other better. The three of them are going to have so much fun together... playing games and running around together. I know that all of them are going to become very good friends and the dogs will love Seth so much just as he will love them. 

Boy I can just see the photos now. ;)

here are some from today!
Yoda boy.

lill' Sony

my little monkey... Seth