Morning Sweets...

Last night was our first night of Sleep Training. After reading Poop Whisperer's blog on this subject, we decided that on this Friday night we would try it out. 

Well I was nervous in fact I talked to fam/friends about how I'm not gonna get any sleep tonight. That is what I had anticipated but relief... it went marvelous. Seth cried a bit, I heard him at his regular 2 am call but I decided that I would just wait and se how agitated he got. Well it must not have been bad because I feel back asleep and the next thing I know it's 8 AM. Whoa... not a peep after that. I got up quick style and ran to his room. The little guy had awoken and was quietly playing in his crib. Talk about a gem of a child. After our breakfast and some play time on the living room floor he was pooped and needed a nap so as he is napping I am writing my blog before I really start my busy day. 
Thank you to Katie and everyone at the Poop Whisperer for their stories and the encouragement to do this. We shall see how night #2 goes tonight.

MediFast Waffles with SF syrup... I know you think Yuck but actually.. YUMMY!!!

Sweetest part of me playing with an old toy.

Can you say "teeth"... I think he is really truly teething.