weekend with an 85mm lens

where do I start…
Saturday - playing around with the 85mm f/1.4 lens i rented for the weekend. 
hubby gave me most of Saturday to go out shooting, so I made a date with my beautiful sister and here's what happened. 

some are better than others but I learned a lot from this foto-filled-weekend

- i learned 
  • i love shooting with aperture fully opened - pretty much already knew this :)
  • i love shooting in manual and hate shooting in manual all at the same time
  • i have a hard time communicating to my model(s) what I'd like them to do
  • it's so much harder shooting groups compared to singles
  • i have a lot to learn about how to use light to improve my shots
  • practice is the one sure way to improve this passion/hobby
  • i want to learn more about editing and at the same time i want to take better shots and use as little editing as possible .

 then, she {snapped}

 two different edits -

Sunday - we went to my parents for lunch and I took my camera along
took some shots of sister again and then Koko our family dog was around so we did some with her…
my mom decided that she would like a few fotos with dad and then it turned into a few fotos with mom dad and 2 sisters - both single... ;)

the sunlight was supper bright today but i learned a little from my shoot yesterday and used the back of the house as shade from the light… I feel that some of these shots are pretty much right on with what I was going for and not just a happy accident.
this is important to me as it's a sign of improval… funny I say that and it reminds me of the critique I got from my mom about the family/group shots.
 she felt that a good photographer would have mentioned a few things about the subjects in the photo that didn't look good. I tried to explain to her that I had a hard enough time trying to get all the details correct for the shot and make sure that they were in focus, plus try to pay attention to the composition to notice shirt collars and hair styles… :) but she is 100% right a good photographer would most likely notice all the little details that i missed.  it was good advice and i aim to try to pay closer attention to all the aspects of the shot. but it definitely emphasized one thing in my mind… photographing people is fun but can be extremely challenging - trying to please people always is.