seth & luke

a bit of my two boys…
we were stuck in-doors all day today  and since I still have the rented lens I wanted some photos of my boys.

funny thing Seth did today: he came up to me at least twice with his jeans saying "a-go" which is his term for let's go.  That tells me that he has gotten used to being out of the house and on the go all the time. It's been our routine for the last 6 weeks since hubby was mostly off work. 
i can't believe how much he knows at 1.5 years old…
having a 5 week old is making me really recognize the development Seth has gone through in the last year and 8 months. It's wonderful seeing his growth and understanding. It makes it a lot more interesting though, now that he understands so much more, we find ourselves making up words or speaking in Romanian so he doesn't get what we're talking about. 

disclosure about these photos: i used a great lens, the 85mm f/1.4 by Nikon but due to a dark room and a pair of moving subjects I chose to use my camera's built-in flash. I'm really looking forward to my upcoming purchase of a Nikon Speedlight. I have come to understand that this is necessary. :)

before luke came along, seth was using his binky at bedtime alone, now every time he sees his little bro with one, he wants one or he will take luke's. He he is making sure luke has a good hold on his binky.

this is little luke… and here he is giving me a little stare down - possible a little annoyed with the flash. understandably so.

and just for fun Seth and I chose to go with this edit: