week in iPhone photos 2 - 1.1 to 1.8 of 2012

this week was such a random one - filled to the brim with one activity after another
Sunday - New Years day found us at my parents house for the afternoon. Love spending the first day of the year with family.

1. Seth at grandma's house at his favorite spot right in front of the window where he can watch the cars drive by and occasional people strolling down the sidewalk.

2. a self portrait of myself - 5 weeks after giving birth it's a neck-up only foto.

1. yup I snapped a photo driving of the glorious mt. hood
2. Seth keeping himself entertained (i was stopped at a light and felt it was safe enough)
3. Seth thinks that the swing still belongs to him and not to Luke

1. Seth browsing out the window with a blanky wrapped around himself - he loves capes
2. my kids in our room, waiting for mommy to do her hair and make-up before we head out for the day

1-6 - day spent at Cafe Sip'n Play in Vancouver WA. Seth loves this place and Luke slept through most of the 3 hours we were there. We would have stayed longer but Seth decided to through a tantrum, but it's ok he napped for like 3 hours later that day.
(disclaimer the photos of myself with the boys were taken by my friend)

Top + 1 -- There are 5 photos here of Seth and his daddy with the new kids tennis racket Chris got for him. I think someone is wishing for a future pro-tennis player. I mean ck him out  already swinging that racket as if he knows what he's supposed to be doing.
Bottom - 1. sister and Seth having fun cking out the ipod she gave him.
2 & 4- seth got new washable markers which somehow ended up in his mouth
5. he loves to climb all over the place and one place that gets a daily visit is the bottom shelf of this little side table.

oh my goodness I am sure that if you are a parent to a toddler this is not that far from what you experience at your own home. I usually let him have his way before his nap (morning time) once he goes down for his nap I clean up  and try to keep it that way until the next morning. I can't believe people think that stay at home moms are not working moms… excuse me!!!

I had a long night but it was ok because the morning brought a great Americano and a full day of photography with hubby watching the boys.

1. last day with the cool lens ck out the difference between my 35mm and the 85mm lens I rented.
2. we finally took the tree down and Seth said his goodbye's he really enjoyed the tree this year. I have to add that it was really wonderful experiencing Christmas through a child's eyes. I think next Christmas it will be even better because Luke will be one and I'll be getting more sleep ;).
3. we spent some of the day with my parents and in the bottom pictures you can see each grandparent has a baby in their arms.
4. there are a couple photos of hubby with his boys and they just love him so much.
5. last but not least: I love this photo of little Luke stretching out in the swing. this is so his thing or maybe all babies do this a lot but I can't remember if Seth was this expressive as I feel Luke is.

well this was a very full week and the next I will have to trim the photo load - yeah right. ;)

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