learning about photography...

I've been doing a bit of research and learned a couple of new things regarding photography today.

Shooting Indoors: Manual vs Aperture Priority.
due to ease of use I have usually chosen to shoot most of my photos in aperture priority however i learned the following -

1. WHEN SHOOTING INDOORS ALWAYS SHOOT IN MANUAL SO THAT YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR SETTINGS. "1. The most important thing you need to do is to shoot in manual mode so you can control your settings. If you shoot in aperture-priority mode, you will end up having issues with exposure because your camera will be extremely confused about the varying dark and light."
ck out the article i read here at i heart faces 7 steps to shooting indoors.

After reading the article last night I decided to try to put into practice what I had learned and see how i liked it - i put my first born on the coffee table (in front of the large window) and gave him a few of his toys to keep him busy while I practiced.
now this shot is a perfect example of what happens when you give me too many varriables. shooting in manual is just that for me, too much for me too manage with a very active toddler. but i have to say that i really enjoyed it and the fact that there was no pressure to get the perfect shot i was able to just get a some practice and more know-how. 

I took a few images which I will post bellow but this shot of my son throwing his ball was one of my favorites, i think it might have turned out a bit more in focus had i placed my camera on a tripod but I didn't think of that at the time. 

2. the 2nd thing I learned today was about post processing. I read another article about edditing with LR and how to use the Histogram to fix skin tones. I found the article at Texas chicks blogs and pix see it here. I have been using LR for aproxamately one year now and still know only what I learned by trial and error. I think I am pretty techy and computer savvy but in this case I don't think I would have ever learned how to do this had I not received the instruction from someone else and in this case it was texaschicks. thank you so much.

here is a photo in which I used my new found information to edit the skin tones to the mid-range that is explained in the tutorial.

while shooting these photos I gave my eldest son his iPod to play with. I have to do a little bragging about this little dude and how quick he catches on to things. 
A few months ago my hubby was showing him on our iPad how to turn it on with the home button, it took one or two times and baby boy learned it. then of course hubby showed him how to slide the bar to unlock the iPad, this took a little longer - maybe a couple of days until he could unlock the iPad every time on his own. 

Well fast forward to present day:  he now owns his very own iPod (it is inherited from my little sister who recently got her iPhone and no longer uses the iPod). 
I'm gonna list a few of the things he has learned since hubby taught him the very first act of clicking the home button…
he now knows which apps are his toddler games and how to open them
he has learned animal names
he almost always recognizes how to X out of advertisements (if the app was free)
mathematical skills such as picking which group of animals is bigger
counting animals and picking the right group 
calling out letters as the app directs him
playing peek-a-boo with animals hiding behind trees (specific app)
and so many more things that aren't coming to me right this moment...

I have always thought that I don't want a child who just sits in front of a video game and plays all day but I feel that this is different. He is developing new skills and as long as we get lot of other activities technology in moderation can be a very good thing. 
we play a lot of active games like tennis, soccer and basketball and running around the house but when mommy is busy making dinner or taking care of little brother, big brother can keep busy learning something new by the age appropriate apps on the iPod. I see that he loves the animations on the screen and that they cheer him on when he picks the correct answer to whatever the questions are, it's really something else watching him with his little iPod. Something that tugs at my hear string is when he climbs in to my lap and wants me to play (2 player) tic-tac-toe with him, what a sweet heart. 

and because this has to also contain something about my littlest angel…
here he is after taking a bath and before his nap (iPhone photos) 

well that's it for today, goodnight y'all…