105mm f/2.8 lens - quick shoot

so I had decided a week ago that this weekend I would rent the 105mm macro lens - that was when the weather looked like it would be sunny all week…
I got the lens the night before the weather turned for the worse here in our neck of the woods.
so before the heavens opened up and poured out their heavy load I got this quick set of photos done of my little sister.
I had scheduled a senior photo shoot for my cousin but due to weather we had to cancel. 
I really wanted to compare this lens with the 85mm 1.4 lens I had rented last week. 
It's really hard for me to do so now that I am unable to really use it in the same light conditions that I had last weekend.
a couple things I noticed-
I like the bokeh effect you get with the 105mm
i like the macro capability
i don't like that it seems to take it forever to focus, i guess that going from a prime lens to a macro lens i will notice a big difference. but I wasn't expecting it to be so different.

i think at face value I would choose the 85mm hands down however I'm looking to try out the 70-200mm f/2.8 lens I am almost thinking that this would provide me with more versatility. Next weekend my hubby will be in a tennis tournament and I am planning to go watch a game and try to take some shots of the action. I think I'll need a tripod and maybe a flash??? not sure I need to research sports photography I've never even attempted something like that so it will be def. out of my comfort zone. We'll see if anything will come of that little shoot. ;)