sunday recap

Today we had a downpour of snow and it stuck for some time - it was really beautiful.
I tried to capture some of it falling but I have no clue how to photograph snow so it was kind of a miss on my part.
-visited my parents had brunch
-visited Chris' eldest sister had lunch
-visited Chris' youngest sister had dinner
we had not one meal at home today. it was great 
here's photos from our day….

goofy little dude

he has my car keys and he is attempting to lock and unlock the car as he can hear the click

here is the snow fall in my parents back yard - i love the view from their deck

some little snowflakes on the window pane

a different angle of the view from my parent's deck. snow fall here was minimal and not really visible

gorgeous koko girl- the snow is something she loves

love this through the window of Seth looking out on the snowfall 

this is one of my favorites - yes I meant for it to be out of focus.

she's my model - love this sister of mine who seems to really share my love of photography and doesn't mind at all that i need her to be on the other side of the camera from me.

my sweetheart- this is what he did almost all night last night and throughout the whole day today
he slept 6 hours straight for the first time - last night. Yeah! I hope it will repeat.

Seth getting a little playtime with daddy - in the car seat and chris is turning him upside-down 

Seth and De'j they have such a great relationship it's adorable.

iphone shot of the snow later in the day at my sis-in-law's house.

The following 3-shots were done with a macro lens and really are way over exposed to get those eyes to sparkle a bit… cuz how cute is he - trying to wake up for a few minutes today. :)

from here on we are at dinner at my other sis-in-law
we made such yummy food- a cabbage and tomato salad, make-shift panini sandwiches and french-fries (our kids all love their fries)

the kids had such a blast together - coloring and playing all sorts of games as you'll see in my week in iphone photos link to come tomorrow.
coloring is such a new thing for Seth… i love seeing the new things he is learning to do and this is one of them… and he def. does not color within the lines

sharing def means caring

jonah telling his little sister he loves her

seth enjoying the fact that his pants slide so nicely on the shinny hard wood floor.

what a wonderful day this was, I am so grateful to the Lord and want to recognize that the joy of family and togetherness is a gift form him. I love you Lord and thank you for today.

ps. snow snow snow- please stick around so hubby can hang out with us another day.