week 3 -2012 in iPhone Photos

Our week was a very low key one but oh-so enjoyable.
let's take a trip backwards through my little family's week in iphone photos…

1.15.12 - day of snow- the first of this winter- fun out and about- we spent the morning at my parents then had lunch at my sis-in-law's and dinner at another sis-in-law. such a fun day.

at dinner time the boys got to be with quite a few cousins. the kids played ring-around-the-poseys and with the pieces from a rummikub game set and other fun games.
oh i have to add that I think mr. luke is going through a growth spurt - he slept 6 hours last night from 12-6 and then from 6:30-9:00 and all through out the day all he did was eat and sleep with only minutes of in-between awake time. I was so happy though to get that whole 6 hour stretch I couldn't stop telling everyone about how proud I am of him.

1.14.11 - saturday - met for the first time little Ronan Brent - my friends firstborn (no photos sadly I was enraptured with the little dude didn't even think of photos the whole time there).
Not sure why I chose to take a selfie but here i am not smiling because apparently i seem to only fake smile in photos as I've been told many times and sadly there was no one available to make me laugh. the 1st photo is of one of the hospitals here and it is the one my middle sister works at had to take this shot and then I love this bridge so had to take this shot too. thank god for no cops around. eek!!!

 1.13.12 - we visited Seth and Luke's cousins Abby and Ellie and Seth really liked Abby's toddler bed. Later in the evening he got a chance to try out headphones he really loved that experience it was so cute how he started tapping his foot to the music. Not sure where he learned that from.

1.12.12 - I got to go to a prayer group in the am and that middle shot is on my way home.
made a really yummy chicken alfreado thin crust pizza which Seth loved. Somehow we decided that Seth needed a good deep cleaning so we stuck him in the washing machine and I believe while the freezer was open he spotted the icepack which he took and promptly stuck on his head. 

1.11.12 - did a trip to Costco just the boys and I - can i tell you that it took us a whole 2.5 hours and we spent way too much money- our cart was packed to the brim but really we had a blast - when we got home the boys and i took a 2 hour nap. really the day couldn't have proceeded any better.

1.10.12 - this day we had bath time for luke and I don't think I've documented any of his baths yet (with Seth i did much more :( ) - also got a 30 min walk/jog in ( only one of the week). it was a wonderful sunny day although it did get pretty chilly.

1.9.12 -lot's of luke today him stretching out which is one the sweetest thing for me to see I just love seeing him like that. than of course Seth with Sunny kissing  and when daddy got home Seth asked him for a cup of ice chips which Seth loves to eat and pretty much through all over the place himself included, usually he ends up drenched and in need for new clothes. he loves it so much that it's hard to say no to him.