surprise, surprise!!!

the snow came back.
after it's appearance on sunday for a very short time - just a few hours, we(i) didn't think we'd see it again this winter.
but tonight while doing my exercise (inside) my son Seth was staring out the front room window and kept repeating one word - water!!!
i finally go to see what he's talking about and I'm greeted with of all things - large snow flakes falling to the earth and sticking right to where they fall, making such a pretty white blanket.
hubby decided to take him out into the snow to get a taste… well when they returned the little guy wouldn't have any of it he wanted to go back out…
after adding a few layers we went back out.
I took my camera and ran after them (it was so cool to see that the freshly fallen snow was reflecting the street lamps lights so brightly)

and then the neighbor kids came out and Seth made new friends…

but what happens when mommy says that the fun must end?
Seth goes crying to daddy to let him back out…. 
and daddy did :)

Seth finally came in (the  2nd time) at 9 pm and he was pooped, but he had the biggest grin on his face - beneath a sloppy runny nose. I hope the snow sticks around some more so this little guy gets to enjoy at least one more snow-day.