top 11 of 2011

here i go doing a top 11 of my photos… i can't even say how difficult it was to choose these 11 photos. i kept going between what i thought was a great shot and what I emotionally wanted to pick.
my hope is that by next year at this time and with lots of practice my photography will have improved when i look back again and compare.
without further ado here they are in chronological order:
little Seth at about 9 months old as you can tell he has been teething for some time and the drool at this point was a constant in our photos. i used a (borrowed) macro lens on this one. I would love to someday own one, it is so fun to use.
Yoda on the back deck with the only snow fall of 2011 what a cutie...
one of my favorites from my spring break road trip with my sisters…
Seth's first haircut… looks like he was having fun, and he really was. Monica did a wonderful job
Seth's first pair of nike's from my friend Tab, here he is unable to constrain himself from tearing into that box. looks like Cosmin is helping him out.

one of my favorite captures from our trip to Maui (taken with my point and shoot) 
at the pumpkin patch on a tractor… love the wind's effect on their hair makes it look like they were really driving the tractor.
this is my favorite photo of De'j from this year there is something so serene and beautiful about the way she looks amongst the sunflowers
de'j on our trip to the dales for grape picking… she is so easy to photograph and I love the softness of this photo.
my son Luke at 6 days old born 11.28.11
seth doing such a great job for the nuvrei photo shoot. he loves those french macarons
and i have to add, that now that luke has joined our family i realize quite how big seth has gotten over the year.
and boy how time flies, i still remember when seth was an infant and now he is almost 2 years old and 30 pounds heavy.

so as you can see emotions won out… I picked the ones that spoke to me, I hope you enjoyed my top 11 of 2011.


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