family time...

this holiday season was especially sweet for a few reasons…
Luke joined our family 
Chris was home for an extended period of time
Out of town family visits
because of this we decided to throw an impromptu holiday get-together a couple of nights ago.
here are some quick shots from that evening unfortunately not everybody is represented in these shots.

dinning room table served as dessert, salad and drink table
right: dessert --brought by on of the guests, so festive and yummy!

Andreia and Elise
Seth and uncle Florin
Roxana and Elise

Seth and De'j…
top: Seth showing off his bruise he got running away from De'j and hitting the corner of the bed…
you can see how he feels about her ;)

Left:  the guys watching Laura set up our new stroller
top right: aunt Luci feeding Luke
bottom right: sisters having a little chat

 we had such a great time with everyone next year we'll have to do a repeat!