double the trouble and the baby jogger

I can't believe we did this…
we sold our most prized baby item... our stroller

we received this great stroller from my parents as a gift when Seth was born and it is the best stroller I could have asked for, so easy to handle and maneuver any doorway with one hand and I loved the seagrass color. It's called bumbleride indie.

Since the birth of little Luke, we have taken a few trips to the mall together. As there were two adults we were a 1:1 ratio and it worked out. I used the stroller for Luke and Chris rented one of those carts in the shape of a car for Seth. It worked out well, but I realize that when there is only one of me this will definitely not work. ;) We were very much against the idea of a double stroller, looking instead at a board we could mount to the back of our bumbleride.
Sadly there are no backboards made specifically for this stroller and Seth is only 1.5 years old and not reliable enough to just use the backboard to stand on. He def. needs to be in a chair with a seat belt on to restrict him from climbing out when something strikes his fancy. He has gotten so curious with each passing month and will walk away from us without even a backward glance, the kid has no fear, but that's another subject. ;)

After much deliberation and research we decided to go ahead and purchase a double stroller. The Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

in my opinion this stroller is really the best of the best when it comes to a double stroller, it can be used in 16 different seating configurations and the really cool thing is that if you only want to use it for one child the 2nd seat comes off easily and that way you are not stuck with a double stroller when you no longer need it as such. Also the 2nd seat is a full size seat not a smaller version and stuck underneath the first seat so that the older child is cramped and can't actually see anything but the back of the front seat as in the case of many other double strollers. I also love the bassinet on this stroller it is so plush and roomy and little Luke has so much room to stretch out in there.
this video sold me on this stroller:

So my hubby washed and prepared our stroller for the buyer, he is meeting with her after work. Seeing it in our living room all washed up and sparkling like new, I got so sad inside. I am so not wanting to part with that stroller, how can a person have such an emotional attachment to a thing??? I don't get it, but I am really sad about selling it.
I wish we could afford to keep both, however when I mentioned this to my hubby he was like, when in the world would you ever use it, and I have to agree, it's not like I'll carry two different strollers in the trunk with me just so I have a choice… ;) But I think it's more that it was the first gift we received right before Seth arrived, it made the fact that we were having a child all the more real.  Then of course after Seth arrived we went on so many walks with the stroller, we even did the hike through Silver falls with it 2 times. It is so reliable and sturdy and it is an all terrain stroller.
Ok enough of this jibberjabber, what's done is done. It's now 2 weeks since I started this post regarding stroller #2 for 2 :) and since that time  I am now and owner of the city select stroller.  today i went out on my first outing with the boys here are some photos… It was awesome the stroller worked perfectly. I do have to mention that I would prefer to have Luke up front and Seth down in the bottom seat but since Seth is so much heavier than Luke the steering of the stroller is easier with the heavier child up front. Also with Luke sleeping so much at this point, Seth requires much more attention than his brother, so this way he's up front and within reach. 

here it is with the bassinet in the bottom position. the bassinet takes up
more room than the regular seat but I like it because Luke can stretch out
all the way in there and it's more secure for him.

here it is with bassinet only, I got to go on a shopping trip yesterday with  just the baby while big brother went to the museum with daddy. It was so fun using the stroller with just one child and the change from a two seater stroller to a single took seconds. love it.

ck out that happily sleeping baby. you can tell how content he is can't you...

here we are with two kids; I didn't have the bassinet at this time, but the seats are perfectly ok to use even with an infant as they recline fully. the bassinet is just a bit more plush and comfortable to an infant. plus it fully wraps around the baby. 
well I hope this was helpful to anyone looking for a double stroller, you won't go wrong with this one.