christmas 2011

it seems to me that this happens the same way every year…. I start anticipating christmas day, pretty much as soon as halloween is passed. I think about all the holiday time off my hubby usually gets and the time we get to spend with family and friends and all the fun decorations, smells and sounds that are part of this beautiful winter holiday. I get excited about presents i will be getting for my kid(s) and even about those festive holiday cups starbucks starts handing out about the same time (right after halloween). But just like that those two months fly by and soon enough it's christmas eve and all throughout the joyful time of  being with my loved ones and enjoying each other's company, I start feeling somewhat sad. I realize that all too soon it will come to an end and I will be waiting another year till I get to be excited over all the festivities that Christmas brings about.
And although I love all these things that speak of Christmas time to many of us I want to say that for me Jesus is the real reason for the season and why I enjoy this time of the year so much. I absolutely love all the beautiful Christmas Carols especially the older ones that speak of Jesus' birth. They are all so beautiful.  And even though no one really knows the day that Christ was born, I am so happy that we get to celebrate his birth at this time of the year. I want to celebrate him every day of my life, because of his amazing sacrifice, I have been set free from my sin and the burden of it.  

So for now I will remind myself that i have another week till I have to say goodbye to the holidays and really only for a year because they will be coming back around as they do every year. Who knows what next year will have in store for us, so I will also say a thank you to the Lord for his wonderful blessings upon us in this past year and all that He has in store for us in the year to come.  I pray that you and yours will find His joy this Christmas and that His blessings will be upon you and yours all through the new year. 

Photos Galore… I could not trim any more these are all special to me and although we have a new baby, this year Christmas is still mostly about Seth present-wise…
my little elf. I love the way my bro placed this hat on him just so that his ears are sticking out like that making him totally look like a little elf.

Dariu my brother showing Seth how to use one of the
toys he got him for Christmas.

bro. Cos with Luke (who slept through most of the festivities)

not sure who's cup that is but Seth totally loves coffee
i have to remind him that coffee is not for kids :)

he's sure eyeing that cup!

Deejer with a hat from someone… somehow I ended up with it but not sure
who it came from.

 ok this is where seth starts his christmas present opening (it began christmas eve with presents form Cos and Drei pluse Dariu)

somehow i did sneek in a photo of little luke sleeping away in my mom's baby swing

 These next ones are from Christmas morning! All the gifts were for Seth. he got some great stuff. My parents got him his first bike… he actually ended up with two of them one from them and one from Eddie my other brother.

loved watching him get into the unwrapping of his presents

Christmas Eve found us at home...  at one point our little Seth took his little doodle pad to the living room sat himself down right up to the tree with his little feet under the tree and started doodling. I hear him calling, "mami mami mami" so I go to investigate and there he is just as you can see him in the photos below. He looks at me and says "tree" so I say tree then he says "becu" romo for light, so I say becu then he picks up a little light and looks at me and says "arde" which means hot to him. He was so precious just sitting there on his own with his doodle pad and enjoying the tree it melted my heart so I ran and grabbed my camera to get these photos. It really spoke to me that he enjoyed the lights on the tree so much that he had to go sit there in the living room even if it meant being away from us. I can't say how much i love my boys, and if you are a parent you can totally understand. and even though parenting is difficult and requires self sacrifice and lots of responsibilities it is the single most rewarding thing I can say I have ever done.

what a great christmas this was, low key on every level but so memorable. i'm so grateful!