happy birthday to granny C!

December 24th is a very special day not only in that it's Christmas Eve but also because it is the birthday of my dear husband's mother. She is one sweet lady who loves to take care and bestow her love and blessings upon her family and all those she comes in contact with. She is one great example of a woman. I would love to be more like her and I am so grateful to her for sharing her wonderful son with me.

We went to visit her for her birthday with the boys and I was very pleased that when asked Seth went and gave his granny a big hug and kiss, of course she had just given him a bag of chocolate truffles. Let me tell you… the sure way to Seth's heart is through chocolate. Seth had a wonderful time visiting grandma and grandpa C and all the while Luke was a good little angel and slept away in his car seat. Which made it possible for me to spend some time catching up with my mom and sister in law. Chris and Seth also got to spend some time in the beautiful sunshine, playing on the play-structure in my in-laws backyard. We really need to make an effort to visit more, I think that should be on my list of 2012 resolutions.

Here are some photos of earlier today:

Luke sleeping with his arms stretched out above him, one of his favorite ways to sleep... 

a little close up of his new hat given to him by Simona from Gentle Touch Clothing

Seth in the backyard at my in-laws house they have a fun playground that he got to enjoy today as the day turned out to be a very sunny day.

walked up the slide with his dad's help

swinging away, he loves the swing… but then what kid doesn't

ready, set, GO!!!

i realized too late that there are no photos of the boys with their grandma but maybe we can get one taken tomorrow when we go back.