3 weeks in… a recap on motherhood so far!

my little luke is 3 weeks old today and I am astounded that 3 weeks have gone by already.
partly because it was just three weeks ago when I had a baby still in my belly.
barely moving around… absolutely, anxiously, impatient to get him out and in my arms…

now on the other side of all that… I can look back with some nostalgia at the days pre-baby Luke… I didn't think I would ever do that. But the fact is that life has taken on a whole new meaning with two little kiddos to watch over. 

But mostly, I am so unbelievably grateful and joyful at what I've been blessed with... the sweetest little angel from above has joined our little family of three and made it an even number again. And it was so nice of him to join us with such perfect timing… right when his daddy was able to take a long 4 weeks off from work and be available to ease this transition of caring for two little boys.

new hat from grandma b.

sleeping away in mama's lap

Some of the things this little dude is doing so far…
not much but the usual:

diaper change
a few min of wake time… where he looks around with curios little stares… and the routine repeats itself…

this time around i feel quite a bit more at ease with all my tasks as his mom, however i noticed that even with the foreknowledge gained by our experience with seth, there are little worries that sneak in to my daily job…
the most god-awful diaper rash i've ever seen
It's been going on for over a week now and I've tried everything under the sun and also seen the doc.
I've tried at least 6 different creams and tried mixing them too (recommended by a nurse) done baths and leaving his bottom uncovered to air dry. I've seen his pediatrician who recommended 1% cortisone cream mixed with triple paste . No luck.
this rash is so bad his bottom looks like he got burned... a very bright red color.
tomorrow I'm calling his doc again... something's gotta give.

the other thing I'm getting used to again is the lack of sleep… 
I need to start working on righting his internal clock, he still has his days and nights reversed and sleeps more of the day then the night. But it's not too bad now that my hubby is home and can take care of the kids in the morning when I catch a couple of hours of extra sleep.  I will definitely feel his absence in a couple of weeks. :(

why is it that most moms I know (myself included) have a hard time relinquishing child care control over to their spouses?
my hubby has offered to take over the night-time duties with luke and for the most part i refuse it… mostly because I feel that with this rash going on, I am more qualified to take care of little luke. ;) 
also I am such a light sleeper whereas my hubby once he is out he is pretty much dead to the world…  i really need to work on this because i could use a night to catch up on all those lost hours of sleep, which started way before baby luke was born. ;) maybe tonight!

and a little bit about my big boy seth, our first born who is now 19 months old

Seth is so active and talkative at this age and so much fun…
at the costco food court waiting for daddy to bring some lunch to the table...

-he loves to dance and listen to music and sometimes tries to sing along with it… it is absolutely captivating to watch him. 

-he loves, loves, loves, his books… every evening before bed time he goes to his little basket that holds toys and a bunch of those hard cover toddler books… and pulls out 2-3 at a time and brings them to either one of us to read with him. it's cute to see how he catches on to little things he recognizes and repeats those words over and over all the while pointing at the picture. He gets so proud of himself when we tell him that he was right. 

-he loves to play especially when there are other kids around, he may play or just watch other kids playing… then repeat what he has just seen. he learns so much from watching other kids.

-he loves OMSI… we got a years membership and my husband has been so diligent about a weekly visit. he proudly shows off his hand with the OMSI stamp every time he comes home.

-he loves people and saying hello… he often times will say hello to people that are just passing by and not even looking at him… i've seen him start raising his tone to get their attention so that they return the hello. it's so cute, and there's no point in telling him that he should only say hello to people that make eye contact with him because he doesn't get that.

-whenever he throws a tantrum (which almost always happens while changing his diaper, i don't even know why that happens but it does) i can almost always get him to calm down by pointing to his ears or nose and naming them off… he especially loves his belly button.

-he has really started talking more in the last month, he tries to say every word I teach him, some sound right on and others sound so silly I can't help but grin hearing him repeat what i say.

so many times when i feel overwhelmed with my job as a mom i tend to reflect on the difficulties that are part of parenting, but today i read a great blog that made me reevaluate and reflect on all that i've been blessed with since becoming a mom… so i decided to blog about it and whenever i get overwhelmed again (which might unfortunately be sooner rather than later)I will re-read this post and gain a positive outlook!

 Christmas is just a few days away and I am so excited to be having my family over on Christmas morning . Seth will be the only one we are all getting presents for (the adults exchange Christmas cards in our family) and I know we will all be having a blast watching him open his presents. i pray i catch the experience on video plus the usual photos of course. i just don't know how to manage both and be part of the excitement myself. i will have to enlist some help that's for sure.


ps. with all my mommy duties most of my photos will be taken by my nifty phone camera, but I will aim to do some regular more quality photography of the boys. documentation is key though no matter how it's done.