November is Here!

So it's November and although my due date is not till the end of the month I feel that I won't make it that far, and I guess I'm hoping not to make it to the end. I had my first baby at 37 weeks (39 weeks according to my counting) and I think it will be the same with baby #2.  So lately, I've been trying to get as much done as possible because my time to deliver baby #2 could be any day now.

The big thing I had on my calendar for this month was my friends baby shower which took place Nov 5th. I was hoping that I would not have baby before this date as it would have made it impossible to get done what I had planned to do. So at 36-37 weeks along I was working on a baby shower and let me tell you that was challenging. The expectant mommy to be sisters and I were really the major players as far as decorations went. We had collaborated ideas and had decided on this one project for over the dessert table that was gonna be just amazing. Well it did turn out pretty amazing but oh my was it time consuming, we did not realize quite what it would take to bring it all together, I've come to realize most projects end up that way. But after all was done... I am so happy we did it, and really pleased with how nice it turned out. The project was so much fun and so much work that it really helped make time pass by. I needed that focus because these last few weeks have been really uncomfortable and dragging for me.

 Ck out this cool back drop we created for her dessert table:

This week however I had no plans and it was funny that I got hit with nesting symptoms really bad… I guess I just am better with lots to do ;). So far I had done nothing in the way of preparing our home for baby #2. It's funny how crazy you prepare for #1 and then not so much for #2. But like I said this week I got some stuff done; I have gone through all our baby clothes that we had for Seth. I divided them in to Newborn, 0-3 mos, 3-6 mos, 6-9 mos, 9-12mos categories. And then I also tried to figure out what season it would be when baby will be turning those ages and keeping only those clothes that applied. I then washed and neatly folded the Newborn batch. 
Now I feel just slightly more prepared. I have two cans of baby formula because although I plan on breastfeeding I know I will be supplementing like I did with Seth. For me this was the best thing that worked and I plan on continuing on with what worked the first time around. Now I just need to get a couple of new bottle nipples and a bag of diapers for him and feeding and clothing is set.  

This weekend I plan on making room in our spare bedroom for a bassinet. Unfortunately I had thought that I would be ready to move Seth into a toddler bed by this time and then baby would get the nursery, but I am not ready for that. Seth has such a good routine going right now, he sleeps anywhere between 10-12 hours at night and takes one nap during the day (1.5-3 hours long).  I've been thinking a lot about how important it is to keep Seth's routine as steady as possible especially with the new baby coming in to the picture. I have no clue how easily he will adjust to this world, I am praying he won't be a colicky baby and that he will be easy to train to sleep through the night. But all that is to be seen because you just never know. So for now baby will sleep in a bassinet and hopefully when he outgrows that Seth will be ready for a toddler bed. 

I'm excited that things are moving along. I had a check-up earlier today and found out that I'm 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced. It's actually very much the same way it was with Seth. Next week I get to go have my last ultrasound and I'm going to have them strip the membranes to hopefully make my body move even more towards labor, that is if I don't go into labor before Thursday. I am also going to start doing the stairs like I did with Seth. I really think that helped with progressing the contractions along. I have lots of them but they are not yet the real deal so the doc said exercise would help the contractions along the right path.  

Of all days... today I got a call from a dentist I temped for earlier in the year when a friend of mine got in a car accident and needed me to fill in for her. Apparently he wants me to take on one day at his office. I was not really looking for a job but a steady one day a week in addition to my every other Friday job sounds nice to me. I know plenty of ladies would prefer the stay at home full time gig, and in a perfect world I might feel the same way but the option to have a couple of days where I don't have to do mommy work is actually something that excites me. On top of which, both of the offices I will be working for are ideal offices and since I graduated as a hygienist 3 years ago I can't say I've always worked in ideal offices. I am really excited about this so I hope it works out as well as I think it will. I mean it will be one day one week and 2 days the following week. Plus it's Thursday and Friday so that way I have from Saturday to Wednesday of uninterrupted days with the kids. 

Well that is all for now except that I want to add a couple of cute videos (taken with my cell) from this week. Seeing as how I haven't done any updates on Seth lately… He is 19 months in 4 days and is so much fun. He is a very happy little guy and makes me smile even when I can barely pick him up anymore. 
Here's what he's up to these days.
taken with my phone: Seth saying hello after taking Sony for a ride in his wagon.

Video 1. So I got this little plastic radio flyer for Seth because he loves wagons and taking his toys along for a ride. Well Chris and him found an even better use for the wagon, I think you'll agree...

Video 2. a cold November evening playing some hoops with his dad and checking on the dogs in the back yard. 

I think I am going to put a camcorder on my list for Santa this year. Or upgrade my phone to one with better photo and video quality.  :)