One Very Fun Sunday!!!

We had such a great Sunday, there are no words to describe what a wonderful day it turned out to be. The sun was shining brightly and the day was so warm beckoning us out of doors.  We started our morning at church watching Seth dance in the isle during worship, people were smiling all around us. I tried to get a shot with my phone but unfortunately it was way to dark in the sanctuary.

We had a scrumptious lunch at my parents house made by my wonderful mom and after lunch we decided that it was a perfect day for going grape picking. We all took off for a farm in the Dalles OR.  My parents go grape picking every year at this farm and they always bring enough to share. We (Chris and I) have been there once before but many years ago, with such a beautiful day we thought it would be fun for Seth to experience grape picking. It was a very long drive but Seth did very well, sitting between grandma and grandpa who took turns feeding him sunflower seeds, the kid could not get enough. 

After the long drive we were all very excited to get out of the car and stretch our legs. My parents were on a mission to get a lot of grapes, Chris and I really just wanted a little portion to take home as in our experience they usually go bad before we are ready. Unfortunately to my parents disappointment the grapes were a bit sour for their taste buds, but that is how I like my grapes just a little on the sour side. The six of us were pretty quick about finding the sweetest grapes available. After picking the grapes we found a little walnut grove where we enjoyed some amazing walnuts. Reminded me of growing up in Romania and going in search of walnut and hazelnut trees when they were just right for the picking. Yummy!!!

After our experience at the farm we ended our day by a stop at Cascade Locks in the Gorge, for burgers and fries.  All in all this was a very wonderfully spent Sunday. I love the fall in the NW. The colors of fall in nature are jaw-droping beautiful and I wish I could have captured through my camera all the sights we saw along the way. The Gorge being one of the reasons I could never really move too far away from PDX. I am looking forward to many more experiences like this one in the future.

I am in my last month of pregnancy with just a few weeks left until our 2nd son joins our family and with the many changes upon us I really wanted to document this day with a few pictures, so here they are…