Pumpkin Patch Day 2011

It's fall again and soon I will be holding a brand new baby boy… but until that day I am enjoying every moment that I have with my little munchkin Seth. Because I'm thinking that once a new baby is in the house our time together will be a little divided.  Seth turned 18 mos only 3 days ago and I realized how long it has been since I took photos of him. I still take photos of him on my phone though, that should count... right???
Well today here in the NW we had such a beautiful sunny and warm October day that after Seth had his nap we decided to pick up his auntie Deejay and head to a nearby pumpkin patch. Time for a photo shoot again. My camera and I get very little time together these days and although that passion I had for taking photos has decreased some, every time I start shooting I really find myself really getting into it.
Well it turned to be such a fun day I couldn't have anticipated it turning out as fun as it did. We took lot's of pictures of Seth and Deejay and they had such a great time, to see them laughing together was contagious. I can't remember what Deejay was saying to him on the haystack but the kid was laughing uncontrollably, I wish I could have gotten a little video of it. Seth loves his auntie so much he literally copies everything she does when they are together and then repeats them when she is not even there. For example the first time Seth threw down his bottle Deejay made this big "O" face, well now every time he does anything he knows he shouldn't he makes that face.  It's adorable, I told her that she has found herself a little shadow.
I remember taking Seth to this same pumpkin patch last year when he was only 6 months old. What a difference one year makes! I can't believe that next year I will be bringing two little boys to this same pumpkin patch. But until then here are some photos from today.

and here are a couple photos from last October: Seth in a monkey suit!!!