Camping Trip 2011

Yeah! First camping trip was awesome! We did a 5 day GLAMPING trip over Labor day weekend. I say Glamping because I was recently made aware that when you camp in the comfort of a trailer with the possibility to get a shower and have a running toilet it's not really camping.  But hey we had a campfire every night. We made s'mores and cooked in the outdoors and played card games and told lots of stories and laughed a lot. Really what more do you want from a camping trip???
 I was happy that the campground 5 min north on HWY 101 had showers so on one of the 5 days I gave in and drove over there to use their showers. This was of course against the rules as I was from a different campground but I couldn't stand it anymore, it had to be done.
I'm one of those people that grew up going camping every summer and I always loved it but by the end I was ready to get back to civilization and get a shower and clean clothes with no camp fire smoke in them. We have always camped in tents and I never had an issue with that. However this time around we decided to rent a trailer as we had a little boy on our hands and we wanted him to be comfortable and to sleep through the night. We were also joined by another family with two little ones. I have to say the trailer was a good thing because overall the kids did great. The first night was hard as it was foreign and it was hard for the kids to settle down but the rest of the time they slept and slept good. 
It was so much fun to see my son out doors like that and to see how happy he was. Of course I was always watching him to make sure he was safe, but at the same time I did let him have lots of freedom and fun adventures. What a kid! He was so in love with everything, running everywhere, exploring all the new things around him. Getting his hands dirty with the earth and the wood and bugs and all sorts of things. It was gross but so endearing at the same time.
 I don't think I could love him anymore than I do. I am pregnant with my second and I am scared that I won't be able to love baby #2 as much as I love my first. It's crazy this love. But I hear from many mommas that you in fact do love your 2nd just as much as you do your 1st. The relationship may be different but not the level of love. I guess I'll have to go through it to understand it. 
Ok I'm just rambling here as it is late and I get that way when I'm tired. So here are a few photos from our Glamping Trip/Beach trip. One of the days we drove down to Florence and spent the day in their little downtown/waterfront. It was so much fun and really a nice break from the camping part. The photos here were taken with my slr but I do have quite a few point and shoot photos I need to upload at some point. Those are more form the actual camping experience.