well here's what's new….

So it's late on thursday evening almost Friday morning and Kate and Prince William will be getting married in like 3 hours haha…. that is not why I am still up however. Nope I am up because I am dealing with the worlds worst (in my little world anyway) case of nausea. I can't focus on anything, I have tried everything I can think of to get this nausea off my mind and under control but somehow I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It has become very evident that the nausea is here to stay. I shouldn't really complain because I'm sure there are others that have suffered worst fates in their pregnancies than I have but my reality at this moment is absolutely pathetic.
It feels like I have been lost at sea with the worst sea-sickness ever and there is no land in sight to end it. Unfortunately for me I have not been able to purge and end my misery it's just sitting there one moment in my belly the next in my throat but not out. Until this very moment I have not even been up to picking up my laptop or my camera for some reason even the thought of these things would bring on a wave of nausea so strong I had to just walk away and think of something else.  So ok I know that you may find it crazy for me to say that I would just rather puke it out but at least that way I would be able to get some relief and also it would reduce the weight gain, because you see this pregnancy has brought on an appetite to rival anything I've ever seen. Every food commercial on TV gets my mouth salivating like a dog and the saliva turns the nausea to the danger zone. What a miserable roller coaster and I'm not even at the peak from what I've been told. This baby better be a good little dude  or dudette...(haha)
OK that's it, that's my life right now and I look forward to reporting some good news and also to maybe taking some pictures some day soon. I have not taken one photo in over two weeks, and that is very weird for me but also a relief. My camera obsession had become an addiction I needed to end somehow and I guess the nausea did it for me. I feel such a relief from the long break I took from photography and blogging. I really hope I do a better job of prioritizing things in the future.
For now my posts will be sporadic and dependent on wether my boat stops rockin' :)


PS my little dude turned one April 15th the last time I took a photo so I would like to include a few in this post and I hope to soon do a post all about his b-day.