They are here...

The DVD set that we received from the giveaway we won last month.
After watching the first DVD I am so thrilled to have won this challenge for Seth and myself.
They do such an amazing job of educating about the word of God and it makes it fun for kids and parents alike. They have amazing music and humor throughout the story line and I found myself captivated.
Thank you so much Jill, words can't express how grateful I am for being introduced to these DVD's. Even if I wouldn't have won the challenge I would have purchased them for Seth, because I know he will love watching and learning and also singing and dancing along to the music. It was fun watching him sway his little body to the tunes of the music emitting from our TV this morning.
I highly recommend that you look into getting these for your children, or as gifts for the children in your life. If you click on the picture bellow it will take you to where you can view a short clip from the videos as well as purchase them.  
Thank's again Jill and may God bless you today and always.