Thankful Thursday

Had a nice long week so far and a few more days still to go...
but I am so grateful to God for his goodness and his mercies which are new every day.  For teaching me this week (through reading someone's blog who has lost a son)the importance of every single moment that I have with my precious on and spending it with him truly with him and never taking them for granted.
- for my family, all of it!
- lovely smily slobbery Seth who has been sleeping through the night through the teething... he is one awesome kid.
- hubby who is known for his silliness and who on occasion can be romantic even if it's not in his DNA.
- daily devotional -daily a little play on words there. But seriously my daily devotional time has been not only insightful but very helpful in my de-stressing and letting go of worries as well as setting goals to work harder to be a better version of myself. But above all in finding that moment to be still and commune with God. 
- the constant part-time (temporary) work I've had since December, thank you Lord this has been so helpful in meeting our budgeting goals.
- the fact that I've worked out every day this week.. Yeah!!!
- I've made dinner 2 x this week (and we've eaten at home 3/4 nights this week
- I've saved about 75$ out of my allowance this week (as part of our new 2011 budget goals my hubby and I get a weekly allowance this is for anything from lunch to coffee to clothing. It's bee an interesting change in my life sticking to a budget but it's made me feel so good about myself and really it has reduced a lot of financial stress for us. It wasn't so hard saving my allowance since I didn't go anywhere that cost me anything and I've been making my coffee at home.)

Things I can and should improve on:
- devotional time needs to be longer and I'd like to get deeper into the word. I'd like to do or start a bible study not sure yet if I want to do a book of the Bible or go by subject. 
let me know if you are currently doing one and have any recommendations.
- more home made meals at least 4/7 (sandwiches and cereal for dinner don't count, we've had too many of these)
- longer workouts, right now 45 min is the limit...
- do a bit more photography research and try new photography chalanges maybe one a week.
- a big one for me where there is huge room for improvement is my love of sweets, especially chocolate. I seem to be unable to go one day without some version of dessert... Seriously I have a problem. I guess like my friend said to me the other day "I exercise to support my eating habits"... :)