Oh my goodness I am so excited... So my sisters have been planing this trip to southern California for a few weeks and have been talking about it for over a month. Tonight they both came over and were looking for hotels online at some point my sister Andreia says it would be so fun if you would be able to come with us...

 I told her I would love to it would be a trip of a lifetime for us but I would not only have to get work covered but also get Seth covered for the days Chris is at work. After asking what days they were planning on going I realized that I would only have to cover one day... so I called Chris and he was like... GO. No hesitations, wow!!! He is willing to take on the care of Seth all by himself I am impressed. I thought about it, and then called my mom to see if she would help me out. She was in for it but I still needed one day covered so I called Chris' mom and she was free and excited to have Seth over (she watches my niece twice a week so I usually take Seth to my parents when I work so that she's not overwhelmed). With the day covered Seth was Set... He will be with my parents two days while Chris is at work and with his mom the one day my mom works and then friday-sunday he will be with his daddy and of course nights. We will have to skype that's for sure.

Work was still an issue so I decided to call my friend for whom I am actually working. I've been taking 2 of her 3.5 days of work as she is recovering from an accident. I wasn't sure if she wanted the extra day or if she could do it but I called her just in case. She said she could do it.
 WOW...    I really didn't even see this as a possibility and now it is. With my sisters getting excited along with me, we started working on lodging... this is going to be a challenge since we are going during spring break week. But it will be figured out with a little research.  So... Cali here we come!!! My sisters and I have never done anything like this it will be a trip to remember that's for sure.

That being said, part of me is torn, I so don't want to leave Seth behind. But I know that it would be so hard to travel with him and since he will be home with Chris I feel a lot more at peace with the whole idea. Gosh I have to say that before Seth, there would have been no hesitation in my heart what-so-ever. Now I know that I'll be checking in every 2-3 hours.
Sorry Moms!!!

Since we are still researching lodging I am taking recommendations if you have any. We want to stay nearby Huntington Beach. It's our favorite.

my two partners in crime on this trip

I am so looking forward to In 'N Out... yummy!!! I know fast food and the beach are not a good combo but we don't have In 'N Out here so my sister already warned me that if I plan on being on a diet to keep in mind that we will be hitting up this specific restaurant. I laughed and said, ah no diet during the vacay promise.  ;)