Photo Shoot - Red Door Cathedral

Today turned out to be a wonderfully sunny day in our part of the world. 
Since it has been sometime from the last photo shoot with DeeJay we decided that today we were going to try another location and see what came out of it.

On the agenda for today was for me to work with exposure compensation. Due to the amount of sun I felt that this would be a great opportunity to practice. So I'm there with my sister and she's freezing because although it's sunny it's still winter around here. I'm thinking to myself now it's really sunny so do I adjust the compensation down or up and then how many stops??? So I decided I'd do a few photos up and a few down and see what happens. Well at the end I forgot my camera settings with the exposure comp setting on and it blew out quite a few of my photos taken later in the day. Oh well I learned a valuable lesson and it wasn't a paid gig... ;)
I found that I will need a lot more practice to really understand how to use this setting correctly.

This first shot I love... I just wish I would have asked her to turn and look over her shoulder, I believe it would have given this photo a more interesting look.
Above Photo: Minimal editing - the recovery setting turned up...

I would welcome any thoughts on things you may have done differently... had you been behind the camera.