Fat Tuesday...

Totally forgot that it was Fat Tuesday today and also in another part of the world (Romania) today was Mother's day... Mom Happy Mother's day, I love you.
Today Seth and I had a wonderful day, I didn't work and so we started the day by lounging around until noon and then we met up with a friend of mine for YoCream (Seth's first time). It was good we had three flavors; Red Velvet, Cake Batter and Strawberry/Bananas and on top of these we added strawberries and blackberries plus a light drizzle of hot fudge... oh my goodness was that yummy.
 Seth and I really enjoyed seeing my friend again because he we haven't seen her in a long time. Seth really took to her, he played with the buttons on her coat and just stared at her for the most part. What a flirt!  We had a great time just chatting and catching up about work and life in general. 

It's interesting when I get together with my friends that don't have kids it reminds me a little bit of how my life was just a few months ago. There are no regrets what-so-ever I feel like I need to state that.  What triggered this today was that my friend had back to back plans with two people.  The ease of just getting in the car and going from one meeting to another without having to think umm... do I have enough diapers and formula packed?  Will this trip cut into his nap time? Do I have any way of keeping my child entertained while the adults chat? Well it just makes me miss the ease of it all. But only for a second.  ;)

 Because to have that ease would mean that I wouldn't have all the wonderfulness that is my son. My days with him are fun and I have been constantly getting quicker and more organized so that our trips are more swift and I arrive closer to on time than before. In fact I think I arrive later to my dates where Seth is not with me than when he is there, mainly because when he comes with me I give myself more time to prepare. 

After my friend left to meet up with another friend, Seth and I decided to go browsing at HomeGoods, I can seriously spend hours in that store and walk out with nothing, although today we bought a new bathroom rug. It's so cute... ;) We spent a couple of hours at the outdoor mall and then came home, Seth fell asleep in the car and got a 30 min power nap, he awoke when I tried getting him out of the car-seat so since the weather was so fabulous today I put him in the stroller and got the dogs ready and we took ourselves out for an hour of strolling. And I mean a very slow and leisurely walk because every few blocks I would stop and take a photo of this or that. I got a few really cool shots at least I think so. :)
Well then we got to Starbucks where I got a Tall Skinny Vanilla Late iced eww... I did not like it. Give me the house coffee with one splenda and I definitely would have acutally drank it. In fact the coffee made it all the way home intact and Chris ended up enjoying it later in the evening. 
So all in all it was just a really nice low key day, tomorrow I plan on sticking around the house and doing all those chores I put off today. However if the weather is nice that might change my plans.

meeting with my friend today, Seth flirting again...

stare much...

oh yumm

thirsty after 10 minutes of walking... oh boy we are in trouble.


neighbors yard is so purdy

I loved this tree with it's white bark

in a month or so this vine will have a very beautiful flower all over it... you can see in this photo but this vine covers the whole fence and it will flower so pretty. I love it.