Friday Fun Day

Hi there...
we had a fun filled day today, we met with my friend Rona who I graduated from school with. She is such a sweetheart and I haven't seen her this year so it was time to meet up. We spent a good 3 hours together and Seth really liked her a lot. He also loved meeting other little toddlers. I think he was totally jealous of this one little boy walking around Starbucks like it was no big deal.
Ck out these photos..
Rona and Seth playing tug-a-war with his hat... he loved her instantly 

what a silly boy he was so happy with all the people around and he especially loved this little dude

little boy at Starbucks - we did a little shoot for him because his momma said yes and because of those eyes

Seth- gimme it it's mine

another Starbucks customer gave him this little cup just his size and he was just thrilled

got saliva?

I love my blue jean baby...

slightly different edit a little warmer and more green  than above photos

a kids stool at Home Goods, how cute is that... I love this store.