So after a crazy busy but very fun day yesterday we had such a lazy low key day today... Although, we did get a Costco run in and lunch with the in-laws, which is always so delicious and fun. We have lot's of fun conversations around this bountiful dinner table loaded with at least a 3 -4 course meals. In fact we seldom have dinners after a lunch at my sis-in-law's house.
From the home-made chicken noodle soup to the mashed potatoes salad (2 types) and 3 choices of meets (chicken breast, ribs bbq-style and romanian mici). I hope I didn't miss anything because I'm telling you this is one serious spread. I have a very wonderful set of in-laws they are very generous and loving and so much fun to be around. It's wonderful to be part of this family.  
Sadly I didn't even pull out my camera to capture the yummy food but did I mention the dessert my SL had? She had three different types and they were specially ordered from a very very good baker, she works out of her home I believe and you can place special orders. She does such an amazing job that my mouth waters just thinking about the dessert. Dang it! Now I'm in trouble I'm craving chocolate bad.
One other great thing is that Seth has lots of cousins and they are all older so that means lot's of play time and different arms and laps for him to be in. But before play time he sat down at the table and had himself a little bit of everything. I kid you not, he had soup, mashed potatoes, a little bit of chicken, ribs and mici. The whole family was remarking on it, saying that he sure knows how to put food away... hehe  I think he takes after me. I love food.
Ok so here are some photos of my chunky monkey from today...
a passionate embrace ;)

so contemplative...

headless monkey boy who lost one shoe (it's been found)
a different  edit...

another bum shot... just cuz I love the way he looks in these jeans... so growed up