Word-full Wednesday

Yay... Day 2 of Seth sleeping through the night. I wasn't sure last night what I was in for so I got supplies to take upstairs in case I would need to make him a bottle in the middle of the night. But I awoke with the 8 AM alarm my hubby had set and there had been no peep from Seth all night long.
Today we have some fun plans. Play date with Abby we will be going downtown too.
Also the weatherman is calling for a snow storm to hit our area sometimes tonight and tomorrow so daddy might be working from home tomorrow. We are both excited for that... he won't be getting too much work done. :)
No photos yet but I'm sure we will get at least one done for my p365 at some point during the day.
I am also excited because I'm reading a lot of speculative news on the net about Apple unveiling the new macbook sometimes tomorrow. Now I don't know if the laptop will be available or just announced. But either way I am so looking forward to getting my own laptop and not just dealing with a loaner.
That's all for now.
Enjoy your day everyone.