Lazy Tuesday...

Started our day late at about 12 noon.
We slept in (Seth slept a whole 11 straight hours last night) and then also took a long nap... what a great morning.
Our first trip was to the dollar tree.
we bought 80 #2 pencils... I know crazy right.
Well they are not for us they will be used at a baby shower.
Oh yeah we also bought a balloon.
Seth just loves these things

After the dollar tree we went and picked up sister DeeJay from school.
And then went to Jazzy Bagels for brunch...
They had a piano player
he was very friendly and asked if we had a song we'd like him to play
Seth loved the music, he was clapping, wiggling and clicking his tongue to the sound of it.
We had many ladies staring at our little guy and coming over to chat with him
It's adorable how people are drawn to a smiling baby
Oh and Seth loved the whole wheat and low fat cream cheese bagel I got him.
All in all a great time.
We finished the day at home with another long nap (this time I joined him)
Daddy got home and we played games and made quesadillas for dinner.
Bed time was a bit rougher than last night... it took two tries to get him to go to sleep.
Curious how he will do tonight.
goodnight and God Bless