On Solid Rock Experiance...

Last night my hubby and I dropped off Seth with my parents and headed to church. It was going to be our first time visiting the Solid Rock A Jesus Church in Downtown PDX. I was so excited when we arrived to see that services were being held in The First Presbyterian Church on 12th and Alder. I have to say that I've admired this building from afar for a very long time and I was finally getting to see the inside of its walls.
Thank goodness I had my camera with me.

When we walked in about 10 min late (due to parking difficulties) we were told that the only seating left was in the balcony. So we headed upstairs. Ahh... I can't tell you just how beautiful the inside of this church is, my pictures just don't do it justice.  After taking our seats and taking a final look around the sanctuary I gave my whole attention to the preacher on the stage.

WOW!!! The message last night was amazing, he apparently has been working on this message for a while and tonight he was talking about sex and marriage or maybe I should say Sex In Marriage.
I don't usually hear these types of topics from the pulpit and was pretty amazed at what I heard. I could really appreciate some of the things he was saying, being brought up in a very conservative community all my life this topic was always TABOO.

He opened up the Bible and explained it in such a way that it made me realize how wonderful it is to hear a message put in such a simple yet very profound and deeply thought out manner. It is very evident when a pastor is knowledgeable of the Greek and Hebrew language, and has studied the word but also the history of Biblical characters and times he is able to bridge the gap and make the Bible and its message relevant in 2011. I was also impressed that the pastor was so young and yet so knowledgeable. I've been kind of a snob in thinking that only the older pastors with the more life experience can preach God's word and do a really good job at it.

I guess if you have the anointing and you dedicate your life to knowing God it doesn't matter your age because God will use you to reach his people. There was nothing earth-shatteringly new to his message but for me it was so refreshing and something I've longed to find in a church service. Not so much the topic... don't get me wrong here, but the teaching style was wonderful. I am looking forward to returning to next weeks service. Thanks to my brother who introduced us to this church.

Another thing I loved about this church is the location. Downtown Portland so much fun to go to church in the center of the city, we saw people from all walks of life (if I can put it that way) entering the church doors, I mean people I probably would never have thought even go to church were in the pew in front, behind and besides me. That really impressed me. It made me open my eyes a bit and realize how much I live in my own little bubble.

After the 1.5 hour service we headed to dinner, we had our minds set on Mexican but since the restaurant we wanted to visit was closed to the public due to a private event we walked a block down and went to Bastas an Italian Restaurant. I've always loved this restaurant they always have a b&w movie playing on one of their walls and the atmosphere is very romantic with low lights and candle-lit tables. We got a small little booth/table in the corner with windows all around.
Happy hour was in full swing when we arrived and we had us a scrumptious meal of Cesar salads, pork tenderloins with potatoes, mac & cheese done in an Italian way, and chicken tenders (these were all off the hh menu). It was so good and so inexpensive, I can't wait for the next time we go there.

All in all it was one amazing evening out with my MAN. I am so grateful for evenings like these.

the church steeple/tower.

view of the side of the ba

some of the amazing wood work all around the church.

church pew