Fabulous Friday

Seth and I spent our day with my two sisters today. We had so much fun. Had no real plans except to make it to the Playdate PDX indoor playground.
Well after arriving and finding it packed to the brim we decided to go find food and return later.
haha... you know how you have those days where things just don't work out like you plan on them working out? today was one of those days, we ended up spending 7 hours inside Pioneer Place Mall.


No I wasn't shopping for anything specific but seeing how Seth's pants are all becoming high-waters, we made the decision to head to the mall and get him a few new pieces.
I called my hubby first to ck in regarding Seth's budget for this month and after getting the green light we spent some time in baby GAP and H&M (kids). He got just a handful of things but oh boy are they cute. I'm sure he'll get some photos later of his new outfits but for now I will post some photos from our time together with the girls. See a few of my favorites at my p365 page day 49.

We had us half sandwiches and the best cookies the mall has to offer from Paradise bakery. Seth even got a long nap in (in the stroller) while us girls checked out the ladies section of H&M.  I love these days, I don't want to get too used to them because soon enough I will be going back to work.
Thank you to my sisters for such a wonderful day and I hope we make them a regular thing from now on.

Ok on a different note.... Seth's sleeping situation...
It's been tough, he has been teething for the last two weeks and had a cold for 1.5 weeks during the same time. The sleeping through the night stopped 2 weeks ago. Ugh... but how can I blame him right? He's just a little guy and in pain. Well now things are improving slowly so I am excited for things going back to our old healthy routine.

Last night I attempted to try to sleep train him again. I didn't get very far, but on a positive note I did finally get him to fall asleep on his own.  He has been relying on the swing for soothing and helping him to wind down. Well last night Chris and I decided to let him cry himself to sleep, thank God it only took about 15 minutes because I had to harden myself and keep telling myself not to go to him. I know that the moment we see each other it's over, so I toughed it out, let him cry and he fell asleep - for 3 hours and then it was back to crying again. 

This time I couldn't let him cry, my hubby had to work this morning way to early and I just couldn't do that to either Seth or Chris or myself. So the solution was to go get him and we slept together in the guest bedroom. I was trying to go without feeding him but that also didn't work last night, I was concerned because he has been going on Formula almost exclusively since the teething started. I don't know if that is enough to last him 8 + hours at night.  Today all day I committed myself to making sure he got more solids in. So he had bits and pieces of our food throughout the day and before bed at about 8 he had a whole jar of baby food and then at 10 he had about 3 oz of formula. I am hoping that he can make it last till 6 am tomorrow because Chris and I have said that tonight he will be sleeping through because we are not gonna feed him until at least 6 am.
Oh Lord I pray that it goes really well. I will of course post results of how tonight goes.... tomorrow.
Good night all.

a short break after baby GAP and H&M...

Seth and his two aunties... love my sisters so much.

H&M has this mirror with a growth chart on it. Seth loved it or maybe he just liked looking at himself in the mirror.

ok so I know that the mall is not the place for a photo shoot but when DeeJay's with me I am always taking photos of her. Can you blame me she's got the perfect features. The first photo was one of those that we totally didn't even plan for, I took the shot just as the sales lady in XXI told me "mam you can't take photos in here"... click. I turn around..."Oops I'm sorry I won't".

this one is in H&M... no one cared in here.