Who am I???

Am I a Christian or a Christ follower? A question that my brother posed to me earlier today. Apparently most of us identify ourselves as CHRISTIANS... but in this day in age all that means is that we celebrate Christmas and Easter and believe that a man called Christ lived on the earth once, some of us stop here and others take this deeper. But to be a Christ Follower requires much more of me that this. Christ Sacrificed. Do I? Christ Loved... do I? Christ was available for all those that needed him... am I? And  Christ was not selfish, jealous, vindictive, lazy, hopeless, a gossiper, insecure, unforgiving, unreliable etc... what about me?

As a Christ Follower I have to walk in his footprints follow in his footsteps. I have to love all, those that are easy to love and those that are not. I have to extend my hand to the needy and not just to my own. I have to pick up my cross (whatever burdens are put, left or found in my life) and follow after HIM. Stop grumbling accept what I have to carry and believe. Believe that He can change me and mold me in to the person that he sees me as. Not this broken fallen woman but the redeemed daughter of the most high God. He sees the final picture not just the rough draft.

God I pray that I start living my life as a Chris Follower from this moment on. Open my eyes help me to see those things in my life that I need to eliminate, those that I need to work on and change. Help me in areas where I fail time and time again. Help me to be more mailable and available to your will and more sensitive to your voice. I love you my Lord and I am sorry for failing you and I ask for direction and guidance. Thank you for all that you have done for me and for bringing me to this realization today.