Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday my day off...  I have come to really love Wednesdays. no surprise there any day that I get to sleep in and spend every moment with Seth is my happy day.
I am so excited and looking forward to this upcoming week. After my workday tomorrow I have 10 whole days off.
10 DAYS with SETH. Uninterrupted days!
I am so happy that I wish I could take a picture of myself jumping up with glee about my time with Seth.
The plan so far is to fill it up with play dates and meeting up with friends I haven't see in a long time and some have yet to even meet Seth in person.
I am sure we will be taking lots of photos and since we aren't going away from home I will be blogging as usual. And maybe not at 11 pm at night...hehe
Today we had a good day, we did our first walk since the COYOTE incident.
When we got to the area near where it happened Yoda started whining really quietly and although he usually walks ahead of me (on leash) he came by my feet and walked near me. Now this is in our neighborhood, we didn't actually walk into the area where the attack happened, I don't think I have the guts to go there without Chris. I just can't, my heart was racing just as I was passing by the entrance to the place where I usually take them off leash.
I will never forget and I don't think Yoda will either.
On a brighter note... grandma B made some really good grub for dinner tonight and to top it off she made this amazing cake... We ate like kings (as my dad would say) tonight.

mom's yummy cake...

Seth  always chewing on something (with aunt Andreia)

snowing tonight

the long road