Happy 10 Months Seth!
Waves goodbye -yes
Picks things up with pincer grasp -
Crawls well, with belly off the ground –  
not well but ok
Says "mama" and "dada" to the correct parent- yes
Indicates wants with gestures-
Stands alone for a couple of seconds – yes sometimes
Puts objects into a container-

My son you are 10 months today, where has the time flown? I am in awe at how much you’ve grown and how far you’ve come since I first held you in my arms. I am so excited for all the progress you have made in your development so far. You are now teething and do not like it one bit (and neither do we). One and a half weeks into this teething thing and life has changed completely for you. You cry more often you drool like a leaky faucet and you put all things in your mouth. You have stopped eating solids; only if I literally force them in your mouth do you take the time to eat. You are drinking your formula so for that I am grateful.
You love people and the more people around the better, so far you have not had an issue with separation anxiety and I think it helps that you stay at grandma’s 2 x week while daddy and I are at work. You love your aunts and uncles so much, you just light up with each one of them and you really love grandma and grandpa (both sets) a lot. You’ve been to your first indoor playground and had a blast and mommy can’t wait to take you back hopefully in a few days. Also you absolutely love playing peek-a-boo. It cracks you up in the middle of your crying fits. I love it when I catch you staring off into space and it looks like you are contemplating something very important, you are so cute when you do that.
I love that now you know who I am and you call me by name while looking at me; it is so sweet and melts my heart every time. It makes me sad to see you in pain and I can’t wait till the teething stops, so that you can get some relief. You are standing so much more and walking alongside furniture all the time now, you seem to really like your new found mobility. You also don’t understand the concept of fear yet, you throw yourself off the edge of the couch thinking nothing of it.
Mommy has been taking lots of photos of you and she will have a nice memory book for you from your first year of life thanks to this blog. I hope you will really like it when you are a little older and can understand.  I love you my dear son and I am looking forward to your first birthday. I don’t know yet what we will do in celebration but I want to make sure we celebrate it and record it in some fashion worthy of how much you mean to us.
With much love,

today after work we took some photos to commemorate the day-

ahh perfection... your sweet little face. I love it so much.

someone loves his daddy very much... the feeling is mutual little man.

this is your most recent very sad-in-pain face... I wish I could kiss it away baby boy.

ahh... this is how it works. anything you pick up finds it's way to your mouth.