Lite-Snow Day

Got our promised snow today. Woke up this morning to a nice blanket of white, really only about 2 inches on the ground and it melted rather quickly, but before it went away I snapped a few photos.  Really could use a lot more practice taking photos in the snow but I did my best with the limited time I had.
New Macbook Pro came out today and I was at Apple by 12 to pick mine up. I have been without a computer since Jan 11th and it has been pretty rough. I had to use my hubby's work computer and you know how hard it is with photography and needing somewhere to load and edit your photos. Well needless to say that I was impatiently waiting for the new macbook to be released. I have been scouring all news about the macbook for the last month and a half and last night I noticed some news on they were speculating that today was the day... well I was hopeful but didn't buy too much into the speculation. But wow... they were right. This morning at 10 am I checked out and sure enough they had released the newly vamped MacBooks. I called the downtown store to make sure they were in stock and then stopped by my college student brother's place to pick him up so that I could get the student discount.
You see I've been saving my allowance and penny pinching since my laptop croaked at the end of last year. After all that I had just enough to get this laptop as long as I was getting my brother's student discount. What I love about Apple is that they were very aware that I was buying the laptop and that my brother was the student but they didn't care, as long as they had a valid ID they were willing to give me the discount. I appreciate that so much because I totally wouldn't want to go there and have to lie about it. It's just not worth the savings. Yay for Apple for being so easy-going about that.
So afterwords I took my bro out for coffee and pastries... I want to give a shout-out to Marius at Nuvrei Pastries in NW Portland, WOW their pastries are out of this world. Loved the Chocolate-Almond Croissant and the Flour-less Chocolate Brownie-Cookie. Thank you Marius and I am looking forward to trying another of your delicious pastries. If you are in this area of the world they are located at 404 NW 10th Ave. LL2 Portland OR ck them out at and the phone # for ordering is 503-546-3032 you can also place orders online at give them a try you will not be disappointed.

Today's Photos in the snow
my two loves... dealing with the cold for me :)

winter in the tree-tops

neighbor's evergreen- love the color... that silver green, it's just beautiful. other then adjusting the clarity and cropping the photo - no other post processing was done.

It makes me a little sad because I have no photos with Sony- but it's his fault he had no desire to go outside and get his paws wet. Yoda on the other hand was just loving being in the snow. This dog amazes me with his resilience, you wouldn't believe that 2 weeks ago he was almost  dinner for a Coyote. I love you Yoda-boy. Forever.

I love how the back of Yoda-boy looks like it had to catch up with the rest of him...

I did not shape the snow this is how it melted... I thought that was awesome and wanted to share a little love...
another try using our remote and gorillapod... it is not easy taking a photo with a baby who won't sit still and getting the composition and focus right on... this was my best shot out of way too many tries.