Seriously can this kid grow anymore??? 
yes he can and he will and he must. :)
My hubby from the get go has put a restriction of baby shoes
He felt that as an infant Seth doesn't need shoes
I think they finish an outfit regardless of the fact that he doesn't walk.

We have never bought him shoes...
he got a pair at the baby-shower (really cute Diesel brand shoes size 2)
he wore those on all our outings until he outgrew them
then later on my good friend Tabi got him his first Nikes size 3.5 and he is now almost at the point where we can barely get them on.
yay he is growing!!!

since no one else has stopped by with a pair of shoes for my 
little man, ;)
It was finally time to buy his first shoes
these will probably be the only shoes he will have until it's sandal season this summer,
I'm sure!

Here's photos of his Nike's: we sure loved these shoes they are just so comfy (at least they look comfy) and so stylish.

 now for the new shoes...
these were recommended by the sales lady she says they are great shoes
and since they were 50% off and the brown color I was looking for
they made it home with us

Yay for dragons how cute... right!

I love my little man and he is still not walking but it's around the corner 
I see how he is progressing from crawling (army crawl style) to all fours and to picking himself up and just so much more mobile.
He literally zooms by in his walker all throughout the bottom floor of our house.

Today I was doing my P90X work out and if you've done that
workout you know you need a lot of space...
well Seth was constantly zooming by and bumping into me
I think he did it on purpose the cutie pa-tu-tee.. Plyometrics
gotta love the new challenge babies bring into one's life
like how to get your workout in??? I am just glad when I do

So on the workout bandwagon... I'm writing it in my blog
because then I will need to keep my goal up (I will feel bad otherwise)
I am planing a month of working out at least 30 min a day
I used to workout 1 hour a day prior to Seth and
since he has entered the world it's been hit and miss
and my habit has gone to .... in a hand-basket

Now, it's time... time to get back to sweat and hard work 
and toning my Muscles.  I mean summer is coming.
Today counts as day one.  I have till March 25th.
My hope is that at the end of this month I will have re-established my good habit of 
daily workouts.