What I Learned

I am entering a photo challenge... I've been tempted to do this before but I feel that my photography is nowhere near up to the measure of all of those I see in all the challenges. But this subject is about "what I've learned" and boy have I learned something important this week.

My photo is of my dog Yoda and our other dog Sony in the background. Nothing special really when it comes to this photograph (except that I love these little dudes), however I learned a very important lesson and it's due to the horrific experience Yoda and I shared on our walk yesterday.... Please read our story here.
I've learned this week that when it comes to the safety of my family I will do anything to protect them.

Yesterday on my routine walk with my dogs and son, my dog Yoda got attacked by a coyote. Actually had him in his jaws. I lunged at the coyote screaming and making all kinds of gestures with my arms to freak him out. It worked the coyote gave me back my dog.

After a visit to the vet today I am relieved to say that Yoda got away with just a few puncture wounds, and  if what my vet says is true from past Coyote attacks; Yoda is very, very lucky. I am so grateful with the outcome of this very horrible experience. See the full story here.

Yoda after the vet visit with some pain meds on board...
 much more happy today then last night.