Nightmare on Wonderview Avenue!

One of the scariest experiences of my life took place only about an hour ago.

On a routine walk with my dogs tonight I experience something that I've had nightmares about and feared but hoped I would never ever experiance in my life.
Our walk takes us by an area that is preserved and unbuildable here we let the dogs off leash to do their business and have some free time to roam and enjoy.

I was on the phone, Seth was in the stroller when I see it happen... A large dog walking towards Yoda... It takes a second for me to realized it's not a dog but a Coyote!


Ah... just writing that name makes my body shiver all over...

As the coyote gets closer and closer to Yoda I realize what is about to happen right before my eyes. I yell into my phone "Oh my God a Coyote! ( I can't remember whether I even hung up or just put the phone down)

I am yelling at Yoda to come to me... but my very friendly dog actually goes towards the coyote thinking it's a friendly dog...

I see this happen and I am in shock but fight or flight response kicks in... I choose to fight :) so I put the break on Seth's stroller and start running and screaming at the top of my lungs.

My heart is torn I am leaving my son to run after my dog... I am praying dear God please help us.

As I am running I am literally peeing my pants in fear of what is happening.

I cannot witness the death of my dog in front of my eyes.

This is not the discovery channel! 

I won't be able to take it. I will never be able to live with myself and will be seeing this scene in my nightmares every night.

The Coyote has Yoda in his mouth... I scream louder and louder and approach nearer and nearer and the coyote finally realizing I'm getting very near, drops Yoda and starts backing away.

I get Yoda and Sony (who was following me this whole time) and run back to Seth. I don't notice anything wrong with Yoda because I think he was working on adrenaline just like I was. (I wonder if he even realize that he almost became that coyote's dinner).

 As I am walking away I call my friend to let her know that we are ok and we all got away, thinking we are alone when out of the corner of my eye I notice the coyote...
He is following us.
I start screaming again.
I look him in the eye and scream.
He stops and just watches.
I walk faster but not run (afraid that if he senses my fear he will attack anyway) turning and screaming every few seconds.

Finally I get to the first house hoping for another human being to pop their head out (not sure how nobody has heard me scream yet) finally a lady comes out of her house and a couple walking approach me. I share what happens and they look to see if the coyote is still there. Even with us out of his sight the coyote has not left he is still there waiting and hoping....

I walk quickly home and get in the house set my son down and then I go to Yoda to inspect him... that is when I notice that his shirt has some deep dark stains on it.
 I pull it up and there they are two very big red stains of blood on his rump. I am so grateful that he is current on his vaccines but tomorrow regardless we are going to the vet to get whatever he needs to have done... done.

I have learned a few things tonight... 5 pm is not a good time to be around that area, it's evening time and the coyotes like to hunt at this time of day.

One lucky thing; I guess most coyotes hunt alone and not in packs. Had that been the case I think both my dogs would have been goners.

Oh I am so grateful that God watched over us and helped us escape this situation with our lives and Yoda well he was a little hurt but I think he is lucky the coyote didn't get him by the neck because I might be writing a different ending to this story.

I love my dogs dearly and they are definitely part of the family and I will do almost anything to protect my family.

Here is an iPhone photo of poor Yoda's wounds. I have been blotting them and the bleeding has stopped, I am sure he is pretty sore but he is a tough little guy and will heal quickly. I am being optimistic because I realize how differently tonight could have gone and I am grateful beyond words for God's protection.

So now I have both dogs napping in their beds, Seth asleep in his swing, and I am finally able to slowly unwind, although I don't feel like my heart rate has quite returned to normal.

last week on our walk-
 this is the same area where Yoda got attacked tonight.
we have enjoyed the freedom this field has given us but now we
no longer find it as a fun safe place for
the dogs to roam.
From now on it's either dog parks or our back yard.
Part of me wishes that Yoda was a big husky,
better equipped to defend himself. ;)