Sadie Ryan Giveaway!!!

I really want to win this one...
I mean I can't even imagine it happening since I know that by March 31st there will be hundreds of entries but I am definitely gonna give it my best.

So Chelsey over at Papermama is giving away this fabulous personalized keepsake tile.
Check out her blog and the post all about the giveaway. You are gonna want to enter it I'm sure. :) It is a Sadie Ryan keepsake tile and Chelsey has a photo of the tile in the post it shows a photo of a newborn with her name and birthdate printed on the tile. It is fabulous.

I love how cute it is and I would really like to give it as a gift to my sis-in-law who is having her 2nd little girl. You see when I had Seth she gave me such a darling figurine, it was glass and it had a porcelain figure of a child in the hands of his mom with the words "For this child I prayed) etched in the glass along the figurine. I still have it in Seth's room on the window sill and I love how the light reflects off of it during daytime.

I know she would so cherish something like that. It would also be pretty timely as her baby is due March 25th and I will be doing the baby's photo shoot.
Hoping Chelsey will choose me.  I'm thinking POSITIVELY here.