Happy B-day Drei...

Here is a commemoration to a very wonderful weekend that really was all about my sister Andreia. I love this sister of mine dearly, she is truly one of a kind.
Here is a compilation of memories from this weekend.

Lunch with my sisters and my cousins + Seth... (my cousin Lidia and I are missing from the photos sorry Lidia we never took one of the whole group)
first collage - DeeJay, Seth, DeeJay taking a huge bite of her big bacon burger, cousin Michelle.

So the wonderful restaurant we were at Rose's Deli honored Andreia (and the rest of us) with this huge ice cream sundae and oh my goodness was it delicious. Seth sure loved it.

ck my little guy out... he is loving his first ice cream sundae experience.

silly kids.... Andreia teasing Seth with the ice cream... ck out how he can barely wait for a bite
I love it.

Saturday evening...  we celebrated Andreia's b-day with a few friends at her place. My brother made dinner and ck out the salad in the wok.  I thought that was priceless... of course it was the first time that it was being used haha.

Sunday --
We had lunch with the family and after Seth fell asleep a few of us took a trip down to our neighborhood coffee shop where dad treated all of us to a coffee... We have such a great time as a family and so I had to snap some photos since I took my camera along. It was funny cuz my dad was all embarrassed and said that whoever gave me the camera should be punished somehow... hehe Thank goodness the person in question wasn't there to be chastised. :)

Ok so I have to add that today was the end of my 10 day break from work and tomorrow am I will be returning to my day job. Part of me is looking forward to it but most of me is sad to not be spending all day every day with my little man. We had such a fun time these last 10 days and did so many things. I am so excited because throughout this week my little man has gone from doing only the army crawl to crawling on all fours. He has also gone from struggling and not always succeeding to get up with the assistance of the couch or ottoman from sitting to standing position and now he is absolutely a pro at it. 

 I am so amazed at how his development is constantly evolving and he is looking less like a baby and more like a toddler.  He has gone from sometimes saying momma to now he calls me by name but it's usually only when he needs me like when he is scared because he is standing and has walked all the way to the edge of the couch and wants to continue but can not go any further. He reaches out into thin air and starts saying momma momma momma. I love it and laughing I run to him. It touches my heart to hear that name coming off his lips deliberately meant for me. 
My little man I love you to the ends of the earth, for all time with an undying and unparalleled motherly love .