Rantings from Apple...

I am posting from the Apple store people. I am here to return my new phone which is causing all sorts of problems and since I don't have a laptop at home and I have to wait 30 min for my appointment I thought I'd go ahead and make a short post...
I called in sick to work today, I have been up since 3 am with a short 2 hour nap... Seth is sick. Nothing major just a cold and teething but you would think it was life or death for the little guy. It's funny though because he has moments when he is totally happy and then he will just start crying like he's in the worst pain ever. I took him in to the pediatrician this morning and was told to just keep him comfy and occasional Tylenol (baby Tylenol) would be good of course baby vapour rub and lots of liquids. They said the crankiness is mainly due to the teething the cold just aggravates the situation.
I decided to run a couple of errands since my mom was home and could watch him during his nap. So here I am on my errands at Apple blogging. Ridiculous if you ask me but it is what it is. I cannot wait for the new Mac Book Pro to come out cuz I am buying that thing on day one. I hate not having my own laptop. 
Ok maybe more pleasant news later. I am just really venting at this moment. hehe. What's new right?