Is Jealousy always a bad thing?

I am jealous!
Jealous of all the mamas out there that are blessed with the possibility of staying home with their little ones every day. I know that I am still blessed because I don't have to work 5 days a week or more and I can do just 2-3 days. But when you have a sick little one and you have to go to work, it SUCKS.
Did I say it SUCKS.... I just want to be with him through it. Because I'm his mom and I can "KISS IT AWAY". :)

Today my hubby worked from home because on Monday I called in sick and I felt bad to do that twice in a row. Oh how I hated leaving him in the morning. He was so sweet, sleeping in his swing because it keeps him propped up and helps keep his nasal passages clear. I of course thought of him throughout the whole day and harassed my hubby with many phone calls to ck on Seth. What can I say I am a first time mom...

Hurray! Good news!  Seth is on the mend.
My husband says that Seth has had very little coughing and sneezing today. Yesterday when he was sneezing he eliminated a lot of mucous and the Doc said this was a very good thing because it wasn't going in the opposite direction and causing bigger problems.

Since the cold set in and his teething started to bother him (Sunday night) he has not been sleeping well and neither have we. I am really looking forward to his recovery and him going back to a full night of sleep. I hope it won't take a lot to reach that goal. Well at least now I know he can do it and what is needed to get him there so the process should be straight forward.

Looking forward to my day off tomorrow and spending it with my little man.

Happy Mid Week everyone.